Your Memories

I have completed both my National General Certificate and Certificate in Fire safety and risk management. Two very intense but rewarding courses. Even enjoyed the exams!
Andrew Stoddart, Health & Safety Systems Manager

" I remember the NEBOSH Diploma to be the most challenging and demanding Health and Safety qualification. Having achieved this renowned qualification in one try and being part of the first few people in the Caribbean to attain this, it was worth all the sleepless nights of studies. It has given me the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver sound practical & technical advice to organizations seeking my expertise. "
Shazam (EHSS Practitioner)
" A challenge but well worth the blood, sweat and tears "
P Richardson, SHE Advisor
" I passed the NEBOSH International General Certificate, with credit. It was a wonderful experience and I will remember it for a long time. "
Arun Kumar Joshi
" I have completed both my National General Certificate and Certificate in Fire safety and risk management. Two very intense but rewarding courses. Even enjoyed the exams! "
Andrew Stoddart, Health & Safety Systems Manager
" I actually enjoyed the course and found it interesting, but hard work- took a lot of commitment as I studied via distance learning. "
Catrina Ferguson
" The NEBOSH Certificate has given me a greater knowledge of Health & Safety and the workplace. "
Shaun Diamond, Maintenance Controller
" I studied for the NEBOSH General Certificate in Health & Safety in December 2009, it was part of my re-training as part of redundancy I hadn't taken a written exam for almost 30 years and it was a scary prospect. When I received the result as a distinction, I was absolutely delighted and inspired to look for a new career in EHS, so I am now studying for a NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management. "
David J Cook, Montrose, Scotland
" Very interesting course and has advanced my career. "
Peter Gates
" Enjoyable course at West Notts College. Good Learning structure and development of my current Health and Safety experience. "
David Flerr, Packaging Engineer
" I enjoyed completing the course and the communications with the other candidates. We learnt as a team and left with more knowledge but even more friends. The NEBOSH qualification has eased my professional career and made gaining and keeping clients easier. "
Jill Given, Senior Engineer
" My NEBOSH qualifications gave me the confidence to take on an alternative career route in health and safety and gave me the foundational knowledge and confidence to quickly build-up an appreciation of what really mattered. "
Phillip Firmin, MHS Homes Group
" Significantly increased my knowledge since completing the NEBOSH National General Certificate. Now currently going through the Diploma. "
David Berry, H&S Advisor
" I took the National Diploma in 1990 and worked hard sitting all five units in one go! I was proud to have passed all five at once and was later amazed at receiving a letter from NEBOSH informing me that I was a prizewinner. I now teach the diploma to others and get a huge sense of reward when one of my students completes the diploma. I always tell new students that they will be proud of this qualification because they'll know how much they had to work for it. "
Emma Cundiff
" The provider of the General Certificate course I took made the units easy to understand and fun to do. Qualification and Knowledge since has proved very useful. "
Nicky Lovatt, Operational Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Nottinghamshire County Council
" I thoroughly enjoyed the distance training- didn't like the examination but who does? But loved getting the certificate when I passed. Hope to do another! "
Julie Smith
" Training for NEBOSH qualifications has truly changed my life and career path. Your career is as interesting as you make it and I sincerely hope I can make a difference now! "
Mr Andrew Matthews
" The course was hard work, interesting, stretching but ultimately worthwhile and made lots of good contacts/friends. "
Trevor Stevens, Facilities Manager
" Great times on my block release for NEBOSH Certificate. Met great people, learned new and (surprisingly) interesting subjects and have gained a new confidence in my job role. I look forward to making new memories on my Diploma. "
Joanne Gough, Health and Safety Advisor
" The provider of the General Certificate course I took made the units easy to understand and fun to do. Qualification and Knowledge since has proved very useful. "
Steve Robins, Operational Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Nottinghamshire County Council
" I remember when I started NEBOSH IGC online for the first time in Pakistan; everyone was talking about my failure. Everyone thought in Pakistan that taking NEBOSH IGC online is planning to fail. Anyway, I worked hard and passed NEBOSH IGC with credit and left everyone amazed. It was the nicest experience I have ever had. "
Tayyeb Shah
" My memory is of studying for the NEBOSH Construction Certification in my summerhouse last summer. I thought I would never manage a pass but I managed a distinction in the end! The knowledge has been extremely useful in my work environment and the course was well worth the effort. I am now studying for the Diploma! "
Sharon Zyta, H&S Consultant
" Fond memories of 2002 NEBOSH Certificate and enjoyed the Diploma Part One undertaken in 2005 at Bolton College. Recently in 2008 I completed the Fire Safety and Risk Management at Wigan College. I'm looking forward to taking my learning further in the near future. "
Dianne Carney, H&S Advisor
" Having a NEBOSH qualification gave me the recognised competence to provide health and safety advice in the workplace. It also stimulated a need to gain further knowledge in the subject which has changed the focus and direction of my career. "
Krystyna Browning, Connaught Compliance Training Services
" I am working as an HSE Manager with an international organization in Abu Dhabi, UAE. After gaining my NEBOSH Diploma, I am now recognized for having a valuable qualification which has improved both my approach and perception at work. Having a NEBOSH Diploma helps me to feel professionally satisfied at the end of each day. "
Maloji Bhosale, Abu Dhabi, UAE
" NEBOSH training course was extremely relevant to my occupation. Building work was also being carried out at the Training Providers venue and allowed additional learning onsite. "
Mr Philip Alder
" NEBOSH - what can I say about you? Just that my life has changed since I passed my NEBOSH IGC and as a double delight I have cleared my NEBOSH NGC also with a credit. Imagine holding both National and International Certificates with credit! I have joined up for NEBOSH International Diploma and will be aiming for exams in Jan 2013, a bit of hard work will help me to join the elite club of HSE Professionals. "
Pradeesh Prabhakaran
" I did my NEBOSH Certificate back in 1994 and to this day it has been the best course I have attended. Thinking now of doing my Diploma after all these years. "
Andrew Scoffin, Workforce Safety & Environmental Advisor
" Lots of reading & writing preparing for the exams, relief when it was all over but it was enjoyable in a strange way. "
Gareth Williams, Workforce Development, South Staffordshire College
" As a trainer involving health & safety, it felt only right to get a qualification to bolster what i was teaching. The NEBOSH Construction Certificate was exactly what i needed to enhance my knowledge to confidently change peoples' perceptions of what has been an integral part of day to day business. I passed first time with a distinction and i am proud to call myself a 'Health and Safety Professional' with an emphasis on 'managing the process' and ensuring my learners understand the meaning of health and safety. Thank you and Congratulations NEBOSH. "
Lee Mason, National Construction College
" If a jobs worth doing its worth doing well and the knowledge gained via NEBOSH gave me the necessary skills to do my job to the best of my ability. My qualifications enabled me to progress from a person who knew what risk was to a professional able to develop and propose strategies for minimising and managing risk "
Steve Dunstan, EDF Energy
" NEBOSH qualifications have given me credibility with my peers and a good cross-section of knowledge which I can translate to a variety of environments. "
Mike Pitham, The Key Consultancy
" This was the first qualification I did outside of college, I found it difficult to stop writing reams of words and to change to small paragraphs. Best course I ever did as it led me to a great career and still going strong in Health and Safety. "
Melanie Emmington, Safety Advisor
" I completed my NEBOSH National General Certificate in 2006, which I found very useful and gave me the encouragement I needed to complete my Diploma. I have completed my National Diploma with a Credit and attended the 2008 Graduation Ceremony, I was very proud of myself. I have now completed my CIPD with IOSH and passed my peer review & awaiting notification of Chartered Membership. Thank you NEBOSH! "
Mr Steve Meredith, Group Quality & HSE Manager
" The study was hard work with lots to learn and remember. The rewards with regards to opportunities, jobs and career prospects are very good even if the job market is difficult. "
Patrick Howell, Health & Safety Advisor
" A life changing experience and met some interesting people from different backgrounds. "
Michael Robinson
" I undertook the NEBOSH Qualification in 2001. This has been a really useful qualification. It has enabled me to progress in my career and has been instrumental in my career change. "
Julie Furnival
" Thank to Mr. Richard Gordon, a wonderful NEBOSH lecturer at Greenwich Community College, I have not only been equipped with comprehensive knowledge on occupational health and safety, including strong analytical skills, but also admiringly learned his lecture proficiency. My NEBOSH NGC qualification enabled me to work as a safety trainer employed under a renewable contract by WorleyParsons for FWP JV (Foster Wheeler & Worley Parsons) - Exxon Mobil Singapore Parallel Train Project. "
Soithip Weerasoonthon
" The NEBOSH National General Certificate gave me a great overview and understanding of occupational safety and was my first step to becoming a qualified safety advisor "
Mark Bates, (Nokz Health and Safety) Swansea /Barrow in Furness
" I undertook the NEBOSH Certificate via distance learning- which gave me more opportunity and scope to do research “Outside the classroom” than was the case for my current colleagues. Though working for the HSE at the time gave me the advantage of having expertise available when I wanted a different point of view. "
Stephen McLaughlin, Industry Scheme Technical Officer, BM TRADA Certification