Opportunity, success and proving the old boss wrong

Ten years ago Scott Trim was a business development manager at a training firm, whenever he was asked about health and safety training he had to turn people away, it wasn't what they offered.

However, Scott had done some health and safety training in the past and had a NEBOSH National General Certificate, so he asked his boss if he could develop a new course. His boss wasn't impressed as he didn't think there was much business in it.

Scott went home and thought about it, the very next morning he handed in his notice and set up his own firm, he thought if his boss wouldn't offer health and safety training, he'd do it himself.

He found a few clients straightaway, and his business started to grow. At first the training he offered was basic but Scott wanted to offer more. He was experienced enough but realised he needed to take his own qualifications a step further.

He signed up for the NEBOSH Diploma and passed. Confident that he was now suitably qualified, he began to offer more advanced training  along with a consultancy service.

Now, as well as his Certificate and Diploma, Scott has a NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management and a NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety.

Health and safety should be like other professions, he says, with proper accreditation and licensed practitioners.

Scott says his old boss wasn't keen on health and safety training because he thought it was a bit specialist, he didn't expect to get enough people through the doors.

It hasn't been like that for Scott though, but then again, he doesn't just train health and safety people, he helps company directors, senior managers and ordinary workers learn about the subject too.

Ten years ago, Scott recognised that health and safety was becoming more relevant to everyone at work, unlike his boss, he made the most of the opportunity, and now, he's the boss!

Scott Trim