A swot, a myth-buster and a job that’s just right

There's no doubt a NEBOSH qualification can take you places. So where would a successful candidate, trainer and examiner like Dee Arp end up?

Like many, Dee got her first NEBOSH qualification because she needed to. She was a road safety specialist working as a technical manager in RoSPA's road safety department at the time.

Her colleagues in RoSPA's training and consultancy team were putting together an occupational road risks course. Dee helped out, and when it came to finding someone to run the course, they asked her to do it.

She enjoyed it so much she made the move in to Occupational Health and Safety full time and gained her NEBOSH Diploma. Dee was "Best Candidate" - meaning she got the highest overall score for Parts 1 & 2 of the Diploma. A "swot" according to her fellow students!

Naturally, she began to train others studying for their NEBOSH qualifications. And while still with RoSPA, as their head of occupational safety, she became a NEBOSH examiner - assessing candidates and marking exam papers.

While studying, Dee had been told NEBOSH exams were notoriously difficult to pass. She'd been warned to stick rigidly to "NEBOSH-speak" and to watch out for trick questions.

As an examiner she found a lot of this just wasn't true. The exams weren't meant to be easy, but "NEBOSH-speak" and trick questions? These were myths, as far Dee was concerned. She decided if she ever worked for NEBOSH, she would do what she could to dispel such myths.

Dee became Standards Manager at NEBOSH in 2006. She's responsible for setting and maintaining all assessment tasks for NEBOSH qualifications. As she says: "Be careful what you wish for!"

Dee doesn't want people to be put off studying for a NEBOSH qualification. She works hard to ensure NEBOSH set fair and reliable assessments, appropriate to the level of qualification.

Dee says she loves her job. It's busy, with so many existing and new qualifications to work on. She enjoys the buzz and excitement her work brings. And she says everyone gets on well at NEBOSH, making it a great place to work.

But most of all, Dee feels her job is just right for her, and that she's just right for her job. She's seen NEBOSH assessments from all sides - as a student, a trainer and an examiner. So who better to set the standards?

Dee Arp