Achievement, passion and the head of a fish…

It's hard not to be impressed when you learn what Neil Budworth has achieved in health and safety.

Neil is Corporate Health and Safety Manager at UK energy giant E.ON. He and his team have significantly reduced the number of accidents there, saving the company around £5 million in the past 12 months alone.

He's received a Distinguished Service Award from both RoSPA and IOSH and was recently made a visiting Professor at Loughborough University.

As President of IOSH, Neil was instrumental in introducing a major educational campaign. Now thousands of young people across the UK are taking courses in health and safety at the right time - before they join the world of work.

Neil also travelled the world as IOSH President as a health and safety ambassador. Considered an honourable guest at a formal dinner in Hong Kong he was singled out to receive a local delicacy - the head of a fish!

But what's even most interesting about Neil is how he didn't want to be in health and safety in the first place.

While working as an industrial chemist his employers asked him to join the health and safety team. Neil turned the job down at first, worried it might be "dull". He then reluctantly agreed to help out for a year at the most.

Believing that if a job's to be done it should be done properly, he began studying for his NEBOSH Diploma. This was when Neil's whole perspective changed.

"Through the course I realised health and safety was about so much more - psychology, management systems, improving efficiency, profitability and so on. I found it fascinating."

Neil says the Diploma awakened his "passion" for health and safety. A passion he still holds some 20 years later.

Now when someone new joins Neil's team at work he insists the first thing they do is go on a NEBOSH course. He says this gives them the tools to do the job, but also helps them see what an interesting career they have ahead of them.

Neil is rightly proud of his achievements and everything he's experienced because of health and safety. Even that meal in Hong Kong!

Portrait of Neil Budworth
Neil Budworth Presenting